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We don’t follow the school of conventional thinking because we’re not interested in conventional results!  Especially since conventional results in the trading business equates to losing money on a consistent basis. We do just the opposite! 
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Your Order-Flow method has given me an EDGE in the market I never thought possible. I literally feel like I know exactly where the market is going next!!  This is too easy!  I have profited over $53,000 in less than 3 months trading your method!!!! -Dean   
I just wanted to send a follow-up progress report for my 11th week trading the OrderFlowEdge method. Things could not be better! After 11 weeks I have ONLY had 4 losing days. My win rate is a phenomenal…93%! Over the years, I have used several trading mentor services. I have NEVER sent a testimony to any of these companies because they all over promised and under delivered.  This is clearly not the case with OrderFlowEdge. In fact, you under promised and completely over delivered. One of the best days in my life was being able to tell my wife that “we can [finally] make a living in the markets.”  Believe me, I have been waiting a long time to tell my wife those powerful words. This has truly been a life changing event for me. You guys are the best…thanks for allowing me to realize my dream!Ron-Michigan
I want to thank you Thomas for this instruction and methodology. Such an elegant approach the way the dashboard is set up. It's simplicity cuts through the noise. NO way I'd have ever come up with a direct presentation like you have Thomas. I have always tended to complicate things piling indicator upon indicator and getting more confused rather than clarified in a trade decision. -Nick
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2-Week Order-Flow Training Workshop! 
During this 2-week training you will be working directly with Thomas as he teaches and explains his unique Order-Flow based trading strategies and perspective. It comes down to… Where, When, and How to Trade. Where to enter your trades: learn how to identify where the important, high probability price zones are located. When to execute your trades: learn how to quickly analyze Order-Flow, how to use this information for confirming each trade and for entry timing. How to manage your trades: position sizing, managing your exits, defining your profit targets, risk levels, scalping, swing trading, etc.
Chart And Study Settings!
We share our entire custom Order-Flow Dashboard and Market Map chart and study settings.We assist you in the set up of your charting software, so that your trading screens look exactly like ours.You will be looking at the same information, organized with all of our proprietary settings.
Continuing Education! 
As a member you have the ability to re-take any or all of the workshop training sessions.  Whether you miss a session or just want to refresh your memory, you will have an open invitation to attend any workshop classes you choose. 
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