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(Once you become an OFE member you have full access to all of the following coaching and training services itemized below, at no additional cost as long as you remain a member.)

Full Access 


2 Week Live Order Flow Training Workshop:

      • Our training is structured and proven.
      • We have a course outline and training schedule which defines exactly what the course covers during each workshop session.
      • It comes down to… Where, When, and How to Trade.
        • Where to enter your trades. Learn how to identify where the important, high probability price zones are located
        • When to execute your trades. Learn how to quickly analyze Order-Flow, how to use this information for confirming each trade and for entry timing.
        • How to manage your trades. Position sizing, managing your exits, defining your profit targets, risk levels, scalping, swing trading, etc.


    • Can’t attend a workshop ?  As a member of OFE you have the ability to retake any or all of the workshop training sessions anytime you wish.
    • Also, every workshop is available on video in our member tool box to watch at your convenience


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Member Tool Box:

  • Password access to a special members only area including :
    • Archived workshop session videos.
    • Archived Sunday Night Edge webinar videos.
    • Evening Edge webinar videos covering advanced topics, and mini training lessons and concepts
    • Downloadable pdf files
    • Welcome section for new members.
day trading tools full suite

OFE Live Trade Room – Live Coaching every trading day.

    • We coach our members in a Real-Time Trading environment.
    • Market commentary and real-time Order Flow analysis.
  • Look over Thomas’ shoulder to see his live charts and data feed.
  • Listen to commentary and thought process before, during, and after trade executions.
day trading tools full suite

Members Chat Room

  • OFE Chat Room is a text based chat room open 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a week.
  • Designed to provide a Real-Time forum for communication between members and OFE Traders for the discussion and application of our trading methodology.
  • Solid community with traders of all experience levels …you’ll find the real-time interaction, application, and market review provided in the room invaluable.
  • Ask your questions throughout the day to gain additional insight and clarification of specific setups and trade ideas.
day trading tools full suite

OrderFlowEdge Dashboard & OFE Zones

    • For use on Sierra Charts and NinjaTrader, we share our entire custom Order-Flow Dashboard and Market Map chart and study settings.
    • We assist you in the setup of your charting software, so that your trading screens look exactly like ours.
    • You’ll be looking at the same information as we are, organized with all of our proprietary settings.

day trading tools full suite

Morning Edge Market Preview

  • We begin every trading day with the Morning Edge Briefing.
  • Watch and listen as we review news and analyze the market, adjust value zones, describe real time Order-Flow conditions, and review current high probability trading opportunities.
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*Bonus* Evening Edge Webinars,  review of advanced trade management topics, trading concepts , and trading platforms

day trading tools full suite

*Bonus* Sunday Night Edge Weekly Webinar

  • Look over Thomas’s shoulder for live market analysis every Sunday evening.
  • Recap the previous week’s trading as well as preview and prepare for the upcoming week.
  • Open forum to ask any questions you may have.
  • New Member Orientation every Sunday Night to help get new members up and running
day trading tools full suite

*Bonus* Continuing Education

  • As a member of OFE you have the ability to retake any or all of the workshop training sessions anytime you wish
  • Whether you miss a session or just want to refresh your memory, you’ll have an open invitation to attend training workshop classes, as we have them, at no additional cost.
  • Plus…every workshop is available on video in our member tool box
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On-going technical and customer support

OFE provides on-going customer and technical support for all active members.

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AUTO-ZONES – 30 days access included

You’ve seen how the market reacts to our zones and how we trade the RIP’s (reactions in price).

OFE’s new Auto-Zones feature allows for the OFE Zones to be automatically updated on your charts and platform within seconds throughout each trading day!

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Includes all of the benefits and services listed above!

Louie T, Manhattan, NY, USA

After numerous sessions with Thomas I’ve found him to be an excellent teacher. He is generous with his knowledge, information, and he’s provided layers of understanding on how to trade. Whether it was going through the basics of trading Forex, placing trades in the market or recognizing potential opportunities; he always took the time to make sure it sank into my head. It was a privilege to be one of his students and his professionalism made it possible for me to enjoy each session and understand the nature of this profession.