Order Flow Tools

Smart Money & Stop Runs

The TT Dash Board is our main charting screen that we use everyday…. to follow whichever markets, in whatever time frames,  we want to trade.

The way that we’ve automated the Order Flow information on our Dash Board forms a framework that shines a spotlight on Smart Money and Stop Run activity.

This enables us to follow their footprints so we have a better chance to emulate them…makes sense right?  Emulate the people who are successful at what you want to be successful at!

We want to trade in the direction they’re trading in…we want to buy and sell in the areas that they’re buying and selling in….and we want real time confirmation of their activity!

Once you understand how Order Flow drives price you quickly begin to realize how important it is to have tools that read the Order Flow in your trading arsenal.

Tools which enable you to see who’s in control, buyers or sellers, and when that control is shifting!

Tools that show you which direction to trade in and where you should look to enter!

Tools that give you real time confirmation to show that you have the odds in your favor!

It’s a simple shift of focus…once you realize  that change in Order Flow precedes change in price, instead of relying on price based indicators, you’ll begin to focus on tools that help you to read the Order Flow.
We’ll show you how to recognize opportunity in the market by identifying Order Flow imbalance created by Stop Runs.
Understanding the current Order Flow condition and imblance is the key to helping you trade with the flow of orders and not against it!
1. WHICH direction  to trade in…based on the Flow of Orders.
3. WHERE to enter your trades…ideal trade location with minimum risk based on our TT Levels.
2. WHEN to execute your trades….according to our real time Order Flow clues.

We don’t just trade…

we trade with an edge!

And our edge is based on our ability to identify Order Flow imbalance in the market.   Once you understand how to measure the imbalances that occur in key areas of the market, you become comfortable with accepting risk as you realize you’re trading with probability in your favor.  Our methodology works across different time frames and most liquid markets.
Join us and we’ll show you how to identify the conditions and patterns that represent opportunity in the market and in turn set up high probability trade entries.
More importantly we’ll  teach you what these patterns mean….the dynamics  occurring  beneath the surface that actually cause these conditions and patterns to play out the way that they do.
It’s time to lift the hood,  look underneath at the engine,  and see exactly what drives price….OrderFlow!

Where to trade + when to trade = how to trade

In trading  those who view the markets 
through the eyes of reality 
get paid from those who don’t.

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What our members

are saying:


Interview with William

Shiva M, Toronto, Canada
The training is going very good! Watching the markets over the past few weeks has really convinced me of Thomas’s approach to viewing order flow. I feel like it is not just giving me a way to trade but giving me a way to read what and why the market is doing what it is doing.

3 weeks later this is what Shiva had to say:
My fourth week with OFE … and boy what a week! It feels pretty nice that I’ve now been trading for a month using order flow and am seeing very nice, consistent results. Being able to understand when the market is providing good “pick the money off the floor” opportunities and when the market is out of whack is a very nice feeling. 

Ralf Kaiser, US

I have been trading various markets since 1992 and full time trading the ES since 2007.  It seems like I have seen it all…books, videos, indicators, software etc.Thomas’s Order Flow Edge is the most robust approach to trading the ES that I have seen and traded!What makes his methodology so unique is how easy it is to understand and execute!  It is an approach that is valuable to an experienced trader, as well as being very easy to learn and understand for a new trader.I highly recommend that anyone who has asked the question:  Is trading for me?  or any trader who is frustrated with their current way of trading to strongly consider Order Flow Edge.