24th of 2012

We’re opening our Live-Trade Room to guests tomorrow morning! Doors open at 9:15am EST!

We’re off to another great start this week!

First things first…We are opening our Live-Trade Room to all guests tomorrow morning. Doors open at 9:15am EST.

Seating is limited, so be sure to register and reserve your spot early.

Follow this link to secure your spot!


Next…I wanted to share this quick video, which details a text-book setup we had this morning in our OFE members trade room.

View here.


(we will elaborate more on these setups in our live open trade session.)

Join us tomorrow morning to get a first hand glimpse into our method, and watch us trade in the market with a real edge.

We’ll also:

* Break down and explain our method and why following the OFE method gives you an true edge.

* Explain how to identify Supply and Demand imbalance in the market, and how to use them for profit potential.

* Explain our OFE Dashboard in detail…And explain why and how the OFE Zones work!

* Answer all of your questions.

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