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So You Think You Know The Markets?

We hope you’re ready for an eye-opening perspective!


  • Are you able to Identify Ideal Trade Location before the market gets there so you can be prepared ahead of time?
  • What if you were able to Identify the Sweet Spot in any market, where ideal Trade Location and Real Time Order Flow clues come together to confirm Opportunity?
  • Do you know how to Take Advantage of Areas in the Market Where most Traders get Trapped?
  • The Algos and HFT’s chase the Stops…aren’t you Tired of Them Running You Over?
  • Are you ready to learn a Simple, Realistic Approach to Trading?

Isn’t it time to learn how the markets function….

rather then  just adding more indicators to your collection?

  How to identify previous areas of supply & demand imbalance – ideal trade location….before price gets there!

  How Order Flow drives price….how change in Order Flow precedes change in price!

  How to easily read the Order Flow in order to identify price reversals!

  How to identify where the stops are in order to take advantage of stop runs instead of getting run over!

  How to read the buy and sell pressure in the market to determine what direction to trade in!

  Where to enter, when to enter, and how to manage your trades!

  How to identify the HFT and Computerized Trading Activity and use it to your advantage!

  How to base your trading decisions on what the market is telling you….not on your emotions!

You want the cold hard facts?

Here they are… until you learn what we know about trading

we’ll continue to take your money everyday in the market!


If you’re  looking for magical indicators and false promises of instant success please look elsewhere….

there’s plenty of people in the trading education business who will sell you what you’re looking for!

On the other hand,  if you’re looking to truly learn about market structure and

want to be taught what you need to know  in order to become a trader

who can identify opportunity in the markets, welcome,  you’re in the right place!

Isn’t It Time For a New Perspective?


How would your trading change if you knew 

what the smart money knew?


KNOWING where the KEY PRICE ZONES to enter you trades are

while READING the real time  ORDER FLOW in order to confirm your trade entries

will help you to STACK THE ODDS in your favor!


Swing trading  ~  Day trading  ~  Scalping 

Futures   &   Forex

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